INSCRIPCIONES: Del 15 de febrero al 1 de marzo (Formulario de inscripción a partir del 15 de febrero).

El objetivo de la  II OLIMPIADA de “INGENIERÍA EN LA EDIFICACIÓN: Construyendo con Ingenio” es la promoción de la cultura científica, de la tecnología y de la innovación, entre el alumnado de ESO, Bachillerato y Ciclos Formativos de grado medio y superior, con objeto de despertar vocaciones entre los escolares. 

La Semana de la Construcción y la Innovación es un evento que la Escuela Técnica de Ingeniería de Edificación convoca bianualmente, donde se une la docencia universitaria con el mundo empresarial. En esta cita, el sector de la construcción, mediante exposiciones, talleres, jornadas, concursos y las más diversas actividades, muestran tanto las técnicas que realizan en el mundo de la construcción como las innovaciones que se desarrollan.

En los últimos años, gracias a la aceptación del público en general, se ha convertido en un momento de gran interés y envergadura, y ha contado con la instalación de una carpa para stands en los paseíllos universitarios del campus de la ETSIE.

The Andalusian Council of Official Colleges of Surveyors and Technical Architects and Advanced Technical School for Building Engineering organize in November the Day of Initiation to the professional exercise. This activity aims to provide technical architecture students with information on job opportunities, labor markets and in general on various topics that increase their preparation with a view to their professional insertion.

If you like the Student Music Group (Tuna) , if you know it, or if you do not know it and you want to know it, it does not matter if you know or not play an instrument (nobody is born knowing), you only have to want to learn and you like music, travel, dance ... in general do several crazy. During the course the Student Music Group ( Tuna) of Advanced Technical School for Building Engineering rehearses every Monday at 9:00 pm in the units we have at the School. Visit our website and know the Tuna a little better. You will see that you can not resist our good atmosphere !!!

Once we finished our walk through the University we decided to do with our professional life. The Quantity Surveyor, Technical Architect or Graduated in Building occupies today, because of the knowledge acquired in his career, a very important role in the building sector.

Our intervention is not limited to the design and application of construction techniques, but plays an increasingly important role in the management of the building process. All this without forgetting, among many other competencies, the economic management of construction, production control, project activity in the field of rehabilitation, repair and consolidation of buildings built and in the adaptation and decoration of commercial premises, Safety and health both in project and in execution of work and a long etcetera where the Quantity Surveyor, Technical Architect or Graduated in Building has the most suitable preparation to carry out these activities.

The development of our profession, although one is decanted for the free exercise of the profession, is regulated by law, being an indispensable requirement to be incorporated into the corresponding Professional Association.

The professional association is supposed to enjoy all the services offered by the institution. Resources, services and activities that these institutions have and that go to the complete disposition of the collegiate.

The whole experience of the professionals of the College and its associates is at the disposal of the new members, whose purpose is to help them in every way possible, giving them guidance, advice and solution to their doubts and problems as quickly as possible.

Official Profesional Bodies of Eastern Andalusia

Pre-registration in the COAATGr

The School of  Quantity Surveyor, Technical Architect or Graduated in Building Engineering of Granada has set up pre-registration for those students or recent graduates who meet the following requirements:

  • If you are a student of Technical Architecture, be enrolled in PFC.

  • In case of being a student of Degree in Building, be enrolled in PFG and have only two subjects remaining to be approved.

  • In all cases, graduates and students, be under 25 years.

If you want to pre-register, you need to request the corresponding certificate in our Online Secretary.