The Building

The building was inaugurated in 1972. It is the work of the architects Carlos Pfeifer and Alberto Lopez Blanco.The building is structured in a large central courtyard, almost square, around which the four bodies of the building are distributed. Three of these bodies have a height of four plants, reaching six height in one of them.

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The Degree

The reorganization of the Technical Schools of Average Degree was realized in 1955 by means of a Decree that structures the studies of average degree, among them the ones of Quantity Surveyor.

In 1964 a new reorganization of the technical education takes place, subsequently referred to the Technical School as School of  Technical Architects and the three specialties of  Plan 1957are transformed into two:

  • Technical Architects in Economy of the Construction

  • Technical Architects in Work Organization

The Order of October 27, 1968 repeals the previous plans, annulling the specialties and establishes the title of Technical Architects.

The General Education Law of 1970 entails important changes, which it is possible to emphasize the integration of the Technical Architects Schools in the University, with the denomination of University Schools of Technical Architects. In Granada this step takes place in 1972.

The Organic Law 11/1983 of of August 25, of University Reform (LRU), initiates a process for the reform of the University and of Higher Education in our country.

At present, we are immersed in a new process of reform of university studies.With the Bologna Declaration (1999), started a harmonization process of the educational systems of 45 countries that it will conclude in 2020 in the denominated European Higher Education Area (EHEA),having been developed a white book to the degree as an instrument for reflection.

La ETSIE proporciona a su estudiantado la posibilidad de disponer de software específico:

En el seno de la ETSIE se desarrolla una labor de investigación a través de los siguientes grupos y líneas de investigación:

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