Delegation of Students

In the middle of 2008 a process of regularization of the Delegations of Students belonging to the University of Granada began, thus equating us to the rest of Spanish Universities that already counted on Delegations (or councils) of students legally constituted.

The process has been long and difficult, since until the base regulation was approved there were many obstacles, but today, and all the Centers of the UGR have their own Delegation, as well as the DGE (General Delegation of Students ).

The fundamental mission of our Delegation is to Defend the interests of each one of the students who are part of the Advanced Technical School for Building Engineering.  How do you intend to achieve that?  With three fundamental pillars:

  • Information, Defense and Management. There is no doubt that Information is one of the most important fields of modern society, since it opens the door to many opportunities, in addition to being necessary for the day-to-day School. To achieve our goals we have the, perhaps, most powerful tool of information dissemination; Through our website you will find information constantly updated and that anyone who wants can be part of it, writing blogs or sharing their notes with other colleagues.

  • The student's defense is no less important. At the moment we are in a boat in which most of the things have room ... changes of last moment in the organization of a subject, endless examinations or humiliation and discrimination towards the student sector. This delegation will try to carry out (with the collaboration of the General Delegation) a system of complaints that preserves the anonymity of the student, which is already denominated in other centers of Spain as PISADO (informative part about the teaching activity). If we get to approve this project, each one of the students that we are part of this School will have a little more in our favor.

  • And management ... management of all activities and processes that can favor the student. This includes the lockers, trips, conferences, etc. This is perhaps the most important area, since the work to be carried out is more arduous, but not because of it we will cease in our attempt to make day-to-day in our school more enjoyable.

That is why we encourage you to work together with the Delegation of Students when you think it necessary ... promoting or suggesting activities or anything that you think can contribute something.

If you want to get in touch with the Delegation, you can go to the office, located on the ground floor of the building, in front of the D-13 and I-4.

The representation of the Student Delegation is born by means of the vote, carried out by means of universal suffrage of all the students members of the School The students of the school, are represented in all the organs like Departments, School Board and Commissions, among others.  These positions are carried out in a personal way, but the opinion that is taken to them is the result after a meeting that is realized in the delegation to treat the diverse subjects.

  • Class Delegates and Class Subjects, to be chosen during the initial months of the course, once the final lists are drawn up.

  • Delegation of students or Delegate of students of School, since it can occupy a person or a collegial candidacy and in the latter case designated a born representative.

  • Its function is derived from everything indicated in previous paragraphs, besides being the next step to the Class Delegates for any problem that appear.

  • Councils of the Departments, which, among other things, must approve the programs of the subjects.

  • Departments with teaching in the Center.

  • Teaching Commission. Who is in charge of ensuring the quality of the teaching of the Center and fulfillment of the rights

  • School Board, responsible for discussing and approving the decisions affecting the center, which also includes Delegated Committees for different topics, such as permanent commission.

  • University Staff, whose representatives of Students are democratically elected and that is the supreme organ of the University. In addition, it depends on the Teaching Commission and delegated commissions of the Governing Board that is the one that helps the Rector in the decision making that the University asks him to and direct his actions.

Permanent Commission
Name Position Contact
Ramírez Moro, María Delegate @email
Buitrago Iglesias, Cristian Subdelegate @email
Peña-Toro Yáñez, Alejandro Secretary @email
Guerrero García, Sergio Bursar @email
Lin Pan, Haoshuang Delegation representative @email