J-edina Junior Company

J-edina Junior Company

We are the Junior Company of the Advanced Technical School for Building Engineering, the first Junior at the national level of the Building sector.  Created in 2015 by three students of the Center and supervised by a Doctor.

Developing an incipient business project, we are welcomed by the Junior Company program.  A program at the international level endorsed by a wide trajectory and a great recognition by institutions, companies and by the own University of Granada.

With a structure of non-profit student association, from J-edina we intend to give our colleagues and ourselves the possibility of acquiring skills that are not learned in books, in a degree or in postgraduate studies if they are not learned and experience through praxis.

The Junior Companies give the opportunity of this, as well as, knowing how to make a business plan, marketing strategies, how to obtain financing, manage teams and projects, how to lead, among others.

It is a challenge to be a student and, in turn, a junior entrepreneur.

We are part of the Junior Southern Companies Federation (FJESUR) is a support factor for the development and advancement of Junior Enterprises.  The history of the federation goes back 6 years ago.  From its beginnings to the present the federation has changed things like: mission, vision and purpose.

Its mission is to be responsible for solving doubts regarding the creation of a Junior Company, orienting on viability of projects, supporting the requests of junior entrepreneurs as well as proposals.

We know where we are going: we want to be the model in terms of "entrepreneurship and innovation" of students of Degree in Building refers to the national level.  Therefore, we work to give opportunities to our students in different projects in collaboration with other entities.

Visit us on our website: www.jedinaedificacion.com

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