The integral training of students is a priority activity for Advanced Technical School for Building Engineering of Granada.  Therefore, the Sub-directorate of University Extension and Students supports the university initiatives that can be established as university associations.

In the Vice-Rector for Students, Severo Ochoa street, is the Secretariat of Association.  It includes all legally constituted student associations that work by and for the university community.  From this Secretariat encourages the carrying out of student activities by granting financial aid to them.  This concession is carried out guaranteeing the basic principles of publicity, concurrence and objectivity.  In addition to financial aid, any kind of collaboration and assistance is provided to all associations that are properly registered.

Secretariat of Association, Culture and Society


J-edina Junior Company

J-edina, Junior Company Degree in Building Granada, is a Junior Company that is born from the hope of a group of people with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and non-conformist, with a clear social awareness and the idea of ​​developing an ambitious project.  J-edina  aims to be a reference in our sector at university level, this will be our starting point.


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