Curriculum: Degree in Building

Curriculum: Degree in Building

Teaching Plan 2016-2017

The Teaching Plan is the document that establishes the organization and the teaching activity of the school. It is divided into the following sections:

  • Presentation of the director of the school.
  • Explanations about the document itself.
  • The administrative deadlines for teaching, exam periods, academic and non-academic periods.
  • Class schedules and teachers who teach each subject and group.
  • Exam calendars.


Exam Schedule

This calendar was approved by the center Board on the date indicated in the Teaching Plan. The information that appears in its, is complemented with the official examination announcement that each subject will publish at least 10 days in advance. This announcement can be found on this website by selecting the link "more information" to the right of the name of each subject. In addition, the official announcement can be found on the course boards and / or on the department's website.

Cero Course

The Academic Order and Degree Management Branch organizes a 'Zero Course' for new students each year in order to reinforce those knowledge necessary for the correct development of the first Degree in Building.

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